Joe Konieczny is a Toronto based writer and creator whose practice can best be described as deep learning. In his writing, this takes the form of meticulously researched and contextualized historiographies of artists and institutions on the African continent. Joe’s creation is informed by meditative research on the intersections of postmodern cultural theory, Marxist political critique, and a fascination with the apocalyptic potential of new technologies. Created with a mix of film, machine learning, and non-visual technologies, Joe’s works push the boundaries of formal visual analysis by attempting to propose a new and more inclusive archive informed by his anticolonial politics.

Outside of his personal practice, Joe has held a range of institutional experiences. As half of the curatorial braintrust Serious Curators Against Monotony (S.C.A.M.) he has worked with groups including Toronto-based Silverfish Magazine and the Joan and Martin Goldfarb Study Centre at York University. Joe is a facilitation assistant for Ways of Attuning, a study group at the Critical Distance Centre for Curators, a manager for the Avrom Yanovsky Teaching Collection, and an independent art critic.

He appreciates your patience with the sisyphean task of website updates.

Joe Konieczny Projects

Toronto / Tkaronto based artist, curator, and historian.

Find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Scholar.

Get in touch:
joe [at] joekonieczny [dot] com

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