Joe Konieczny is a researcher, curator, and artist living between Toronto and New York. Currently a PhD candidate in Art History and Africana Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center (New York), Joe also serves as Editor at Large for Umthi Projects (South Africa).

Creative and Craft Work

Artist’s Tools
I utilise a combination of historic and modern techniques in conjunction with natural tools and ingredients to create custom pigments, textiles, and even storage solutions for artists.  

Textile and Fabric
I have created a number of custom, self-drafted, and tailored garments from knit and sewn methods. 

Original and commissioned images shot on mirrorless. My focus has been on protest and improvised performance.

Print and Physical Meida
To accompany curatorial projects I have made a number of print works including linoleum, cut paper, and other intricate book designs.

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