Joe Konieczny is a researcher, curator, and artist living between Toronto and New York. Currently a PhD candidate in Art History and Africana Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center (New York), Joe also serves as Editor at Large for Umthi Projects (South Africa).

Curatorial Projects

Indaba Yotyelo Ayitkholi
Edited publication of leading community engaged practitioners in South Africa’s townships. Co-created with a Cape Town based collective, the volume includes original and contributed texts, photography, and internet-activated components.

The Last Issue: Humour and Discourses from the Avrom and Anna Yanovsky Teaching Collection (2023)
Curated as part of the duo Serious Curators Against Monotony (S.C.A.M.), the exhibition surveyed the major discourses communitst activist and editorial cartoonist Avrom Yanovsky engaged with over the course of his life and work.

You’re Always Coming When I’m Going (2022)
A group exhibition of four artists who recently completed a residency with Toronto-based Silverfish Magazine. Uniting four different practices, the exhibition explored themes of loss and belonging.

Overlapping Parts (2022)
An exploration of nontraditional display methods created as part of the York University Summer Institute in Curatorial Studies.


Ways of Attuning, Wave~Form~Projects~
A series of multiple exhibitions by emerging curators created in collaboration with the Critical Distance Centre for Curators and Wave~Form~Projects~. I served as a research  and accessability assistant for the project overall as well as with individual exhibitions. 

Maa ka Maaya ka ca a yere kono
One of Africa’s most iconic photography festivals, for which I was fortunate enough to contribute to publication and labeling efforts. 

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