Joe Konieczny is a researcher, curator, and artist living between Toronto and New York. Currently a PhD candidate in Art History and Africana Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center (New York), Joe also serves as Editor at Large for Umthi Projects (South Africa).

Freelance Services

Copy, Peer Editing, and Review
Sample work includes Art Canada Institute weekly newsletters↗ (second example↗) as well as articles on Visual AIDS↗ and for Ringle (available upon request).

Exhibition Text and Pamphlet Design
I have created mass print and custom art books for a number of exhibitions. Physical prototypes are available upon request.

Graduate School or Research Grant Application Review
Previous essays are available upon request. I am an R1 PhD Candidate who was admitted to multiple U15 schools and has won mutliple research fellowships on both sides of the border.

Photography, Videography, and Exhibition Documentation
While some projects remain embargoed, please see my work↗ for the Yanovsky Collection, Umthi Projects, Storyroom Creatives, and more on my photographic portfolio.

Custom Artist’s Tools, Garments, and Accessories
Examples of my work including pigments, textiles, knit sweaters, and bags can be found on my Instagram↗ and Ravelry↗.

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